Steve Holm, Senior Club Champion

“When I took my first lesson from Sue Wieger, I was expecting that she would give me a mechanical silver bullet, that would give instant improvement to my game. It didn’t take long to realize that Sue specialty is on “the Brain Game”. Since my  first lesson with Sue I’ve had a chance to put her insights into practice, I have learned to simply swing the club, not agonize and clog my brain with mechanical rounds. I’ve learned from Sue that my mind is a powerful tool and that positive thoughts produce excellent swings. Sue tells me that she’s not surprised that as a senior golfer I’m shooting the best scores of my life. Right now my biggest complaint is that my handicap has gotten too low! And I’m loving it! I’m so happy that Sue has put her wisdom into book form and made it accessible to a wider audience. I’m confident that GOLF: The Last Six Inches will move many more golfers to “Change their brains and Change their games.