I have a background in Adult Learning Theory and am VERY picky about instructors. Most are what I call “monkey see; monkey do”. They just say “do this, do that, don’t do that,that’s wrong…” blah blah blah, and I walk away thinking they’re idiots (told you I’m picky).

However if you see Sue, I’m the one following her like a puppy & hanging on to her every word!!!! I want to give her a one-star review so I can keep her all to myself!!! This woman is an AH-MAZING instructor!!! She is a natural at it! She’s wildly intuitive so she can read people and immediately know when she’s on track with you. She listens to your words & reads your energy to find ways to transfer information so you can ingest it and then apply it. She’s patient and encouraging without being patronizing. She INSTINCTIVELY knows how to get the best out of people, and her reward is seeing you play well. I am a total beginner & after one lesson, my husband (a seasoned golfer) wanted to meet with her. After my 4th lesson, my husband said, “WOW!! What did she DO to you today?!?!?” I seriously cannot fawn over Sue enough!!! My hubby is right there with me. After one lesson, he’s had to reintroduce himself to his clubs because he’s hitting the ball 20 years further. Count the Guinans as definite SUE-ophites!

Sue is amazing!!! I was a scratch golfer who took a year off and when i came back, my swing seriously felt like an unfolding lawn chair. Nothing i did worked. I worked with previous instructors and none of them were able to see the issue that i was having except for bringing the club too far inside on the takeaway. Sue pointed out after a few swings that it was a balance/flexibility issue. She has provided the necessary tools that will allow me to get back to where i want to be and i am already feeling the improvements as well as seeing them. I would recommend Sue in a heartbeat to anyone who is having issues with their swing whether a beginner or scratch/pro. Cant wait to get back out there.


Karen Davies, LPGA Member

“It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I endorse Golf- The Last Six Inches written by my LPGA Colleague Sue Wieger. Sue has published a transformational book revealing  tools that are sustainable game-changers for all levels. This is book Golf – The Last Six Inches reveals many practical ways to improve. You are in for a wonderful golf experience all that is needed is your curiosity and to begin!”



Caroline Johnston

Sue, Thanks for helping me acknowledge and take action of my fears and to love myself unconditionally, plus bring out my true essence.  Realizing that we first have to love ourselves and be kind to ourselves, as we do others, then we are rewarded in all aspects of our lives two fold.  When we are happy within, it becomes contagious to those that surround us. Working with Sue and her “Change your Brain, Change your Game” tools, has been priceless to both my golf game and my personal life .  With Sue’s transformational coaching, I feel so blessed in life to have been able to experience all the fantastic rewards and personal growth in golf and life that Sue has enabled me to find within myself.”